Social media is increasingly being used to broadcast useful information during local crisis situations (e.g. hurricanes, earthquakes, protests, accidents, attacks), as well as to discuss global-scale crises (e.g. climate change, pandemics). is a repository of crisis-related social media data and tools. Currently it includes collections of crisis data and a lexicon of crisis terms. It also includes tools to help you create these collections and lexicons.

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Project Timeline

July 2015

CrisisLex now provides
links to external datasets.

April 2015

ClimateCovE350 is released.
Website restructuring.

October 2014

CrisisLexT26 is released.
Project & website restructuring.

June 2014

Release of the adaptive data collector,
a crisis lexicon & lexicon generator.

March 2014

Release of the basic data collector.
CrisisLexT6 initial release.

February 2014 is released.